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Whether you need web design work, web development, social media integration, print design work, or any other creative design projects, we can help you build a brand identity.

Why do I need a website?

A website, in this day and age, is most likely the first thing a potential customer will see of your business. When people are in search of a product or a service, they look online first. In this information age, people spend much of their time on computers or on smart phones looking for the information and comparing which company or organization best fits their needs before stepping into your brick and mortar building. If your company doesn't have an online presence, your potential clients will find another company that does. A company without a website is a company without a face.

I have a website, but it could probably use some dusting and polishing...

A website that is consistently being updated with new content is more likely to be re-visited which will keep your company fresh in the minds of your clients. Stale content and an outdated design can not only detract from the image of your brand, repelling potential customers, but it can also push away current clients who aren't being kept up to date with new information about your products and services.

Your online presence reflects the brand identity of your company. Your website should reflect your identity as a company. Building a brand identity that extends throughout your website, business cards, signage, social media pages, and even having a company domain and company email addresses makes your company look professional and shows a unified front with integrity.

A fresh online presence has the potential to attract new clients, keep current clients coming back for more, and it can also be a form of advertising and getting your brand out there.

How much will this cost me?